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Community Christian is totally committed to the ideals and high values of Christ-centered higher education. We know the importance of a Christian worldview for character development and have crafted an academic program to deliver it.
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There are those that never thought they could attain a Bachelor’s degree or even an AA degree. However with CCC there is HOPE. The College prepares students to move into a Bachelor’s degree program at 4 year colleges and universities.
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Christian education is intended to impact the whole person. Therefore, our instructors focus on relational education – encouraging the students’ ongoing spiritual growth.
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"For a beginning college experience I was looking for convenience, night school gave me an opportunity to support my family at a full time job while going to school full time. Another reason for choosing CCC was that I just wasn't sure if I could handle the large college setting at this stage in my life. CCC's professor to student ratio was just what I was looking for. . . The professors have always stressed the importance of knowing where you stand (in Christ) so that you can defend Him in almost any situation. I have been pleased with my personal growth throughout my two years at CCC."

          -Daniel Robertson, Class of '97

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